Rainbow Fluorite Cabochon 3.49cm

Rainbow Fluorite Cabochon 3.49cm | Image 1
Rainbow Fluorite Cabochon 3.49cm | Image 2
Dimensions: 3.49cm tall, 2.7cm wide, 0.6cm thick.
Ref: 7309
Price: £12.00

Rainbow Fluorite Oval Cabochon Large, crystal for sale. This lovely 3.49cm tall Rainbow Fluorite Cabochon was hand made in the United Kingdom in our workshop. It is made from Rainbow Fluorite we sourced in China and it is of a very high grade. These cabochons are quite large pieces with subtle purple and blue coloured banding which is unusual for fluorite it is also very strong and resilient for fluorite. These cabochons are much different to the usual cabochons on the market place and are very unique. We have obtained an excellent finish on the surface that has been created by using many grades of diamond wheels until the desired polish is achieved. This beautiful cabochon is very tactile. Fluorite can occur in a crystalline or massive form and it is the mineral form of calcium fluoride, it has a cubic crystal habit.This cabochon is ideal for a jeweller, collector or healer.

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