Copal with Insects 13.5cm

Dimensions: 13.5cm long, 1.3cm wide.
Ref: 2232

Copal long and thin with various flying and non-flying insects. Trapped in time in this natural honey coloured tree resin this high grade piece of Copal comes from the north west of Madagascar. Copal is only collected for a short time each year as it is in the same area as Vanilla crops, and the Malagasy people prefer to harvest the vanilla pods than search for Copal. The age is unknown but it is very stable and has a very good polish, it is not 35million years old which it has to be to be classed as Amber. Under magnification watch the insects come to life in this gorgeous piece of history.

Price: £50.00
Copal with Insects 13.5cm | Image 1
Copal with Insects 13.5cm | Image 2
Copal with Insects 13.5cm | Image 3
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