Celestite Geode 5.7kg

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Dimensions: 13.5cm tall, 18cm wide, 20cm deep.
Ref: 5760
Price: £228.00

Celestite Geode, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This attractive 5.7kg large Celestite Geode displays striking sparkling blue colour and has an fabulous lustre with an excellent crystal structure. Celestite, also referred to as celestine, is formed in sedimentary rocks such as deposits of gypsum and halite, though it is also present in limestone and dolomite cavities. Discovered in 1791 by famous mineralogist Abraham Gottlob Werner in Pennsylvania (where it is the official state mineral), celestite is also found in Madagascar in geodes and beds. Madagascan celestite is in high demand, for it is celestite from this location that’s renowned throughout the world. 

Celestite is famous for its colour, an ethereal shade of sky blue which is created by traces of gold within the crystal’s matrix in combination with natural processes of irradiation. The lustre of the crystal is vitreous (like glass), and it can be either transparent or translucent.

This mineral is great for décor, but it also has other uses. It is said to have many healing properties, including powers of relaxation, which make it perfect for meditation. As its label ‘Stone of Heaven’ suggests, many believe celestite has the ability to enable divine connection, particularly communication with angels. By placing the crystal beside you as you sleep, many people attest that you can reduce nightmares and achieve greater dream recall and clarity: celestite is alleged to aid both lucid dreaming and astral projection. With regards to psychic powers, celestite is associated with clairvoyancy.

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