Chevron Amethyst Massage Wand 12.1cm

Chevron Amethyst Massage Wand 12.1cm | Image 1
Chevron Amethyst Massage Wand 12.1cm | Image 2
Chevron Amethyst Massage Wand 12.1cm | Image 3
Dimensions: 12.1cm long, 2.3cm wide
Ref: 18421
Price: £18.00

Chevron Amethyst crystals for sale from Zambia, Africa.

This gorgeous high-grade purple Chevron Amethyst Massage Wand measures a tactile 12.1cm long.

Chevron Amethyst, also known as Dream Amethyst or Dogtooth Amethyst, displays stunning deep purple Amethyst and V-Shaped white quartz patterns. 

What Is Chevron Amethyst Made Of?

Amethyst is a form of Quartz, which is a silica mineral primarily composed of silicon dioxide.

The Quartz family of minerals encompasses a wide range of stones, including sub-sets such as Chalcedony gems like Jasper and Agate

Quartz can occur in many colours, such as pink Rose Quartz, transparent Clear Quartz, and grey-brown Smoky Quartz.

Amethyst is the purple variety of this versatile mineral, and is sometimes thus referred to as Purple Quartz

Chevron Amethyst is lined by white quartz patterns. 

How Does Amethyst Form?

The stone's distinctive violet colour is caused by natural irradiation and traces of iron in the crystal lattice

Types Of Amethyst

Amethyst can occur in a range of shapes and colours.

This stone can be found with large natural points, or it can be polished into smooth shapes as polished amethyst.

Some of the varieties stocked at Madagascan Direct are as follows: 

  • Smoky Amethyst, found in Brazil, is a gorgeous mixture of Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Amethyst.
  • Ametrine, found in Bolivia, is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine which displays stunning zones of golden-yellow and translucent purple.
  • Chevron Amethyst, otherwise known as Dream Amethyst, is a form of Amethyst with V-shaped patterns of white Quartz.
  • Lavender Amethyst, which can be found in large druzy crystals in some of our Agate pieces from India, displays lighter pink-purple colours than the standard deep violets of Amethyst. 

Where Does Amethyst Come From? 

Amethyst is abundant and can be found in various localities worldwide including Brazil, Russia, and Uruguay. 

This particular piece was sourced from Madagascar.

Amethyst History

As one of the most popular semi-precious stones in history, Amethyst has a storied past.

Amethyst In Ancient Greece

Its name was derived from the Greek "a-methystos", which means "not drunk"; it was named thus because the Ancient Greeks believed this stone could prevent intoxication. 

In fact, the people of Ancient Greece even carved Amethyst into the goblets from which they drunk wine in order to prevent getting too drunk. 

Amethyst Myth And Legend

There are many myths and legends surrounding Amethyst.

The most popular myths surround Bacchus, the Roman god of wine (his Greek equivalent is called Dionysus) creating Amethyst.

However, these myths were not written in classical times as commonly reported, but instead were invented by a French poet in the 1500s. 

In one myth, Bacchus fell in love with a woman named Amethyste, who did not love Bacchus, and wanted to remain chaste. In her pursuit of chastity, she was transformed by a goddess into a pure white stone.

Bacchus, in apology for his actions, dyed the stone of Amethyste purple with his wine, creating the purple stone of Amethyst. 

Chevron Amethyst Crystal Healing Properties

Amethyst is believed to be one of the most powerful stones known to man in regards to metaphysical and healing properties.

Dream Amethyst Energy And Aura

This crystal is believed to both amplify energy and have a calming, cleansing effect on its user.

A stone of peace and tranquility, Amethyst is said to be very useful for people struggling with intense stress, and can gift its user with a sense of balance and diplomacy. 

Chevron Amethyst Chakras

Amethyst is most associated with the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra, the two gateways to higher levels of consciousness. 

When used with the Third Eye Chakra, Amethyst is believed to enable clarity of mind, a strong intellect, and an intense imagination ripe for creating new ideas.

When used with the Crown Chakra, Amethyst is thought to create a sense of unity, wholeness, and spiritual connection to one's higher self.  

Amethyst And The Mind

Amethyst is very much a stone of the mind, and is thought to have properties which improve concentration, intelligence, memory, and insight.

For these reasons, Amethyst is thought to be a great stone to meditate with, and is equally useful for inspiring creativity and allowing its user the space and mental power to visualise their dreams. 

Using Amethyst For Sleep

As Amethyst has such a peaceful, nurturing energy, many crystal healers recommend that people struggling with insomnia or nightmares use Amethyst by placing a piece under their pillow at night.

Furthermore, Amethyst is recommended for those interested in astral projection and astral travel due to the stone's potent purported ability to place its user in a deep meditative state and ignite psychic powers. 

Who Should Use Amethyst?

Amethyst is the perfect crystal for children and beginners to the crystal healing world because it is so calming and because it works on so many different levels (which is why some people call it an "all healer"). 

This crystal can be very useful for those seeking to gain awareness of the world around them, and insight into their emotions and spirituality. 

A stone for travellers, this crystal is also renowned as a protection stone, and has long been associated with traveller safety, as well as with protection on a psychic and emotional level due to its grounding, peaceful energy. 

How To Take Care Of Amethyst

Measuring 7 on the Mohs scale, this purple mineral is relatively hard and durable and resistant to scratching, but care should still be taken not to damage the crystal surface. 

To clean the crystal, simply use water and dry it afterwards with a soft cloth. 

Amethyst can fade when exposed to too much light, so it would be wise to keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible.  

Chevron Amethyst Collections

This purple semi precious stone is the birthstone for February and associated with the Zodiac sign Pisces, so it would make a great gift for loved ones with birthdays in these time periods. 

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