Ruby Crystal 163grams

Dimensions: 4.7cm wide, 4.9cm long, 2.3cm deep.
Ref: 4624

Ruby Crystal from Madagascar. This glorious natural Ruby Crystal weighs 163 grams has a fantastic crystal structure. This large Ruby crystal was found in the Vatomandry area of Madagascar. Madagascar has one of the most important supplies of Ruby in the world, Diamonds are the only mineral in the world that are harder than Ruby. Ruby is a variety of the mineral Corrundum and the red colour is caused by Chromium. Saphires are the other member of the corrundum family and are blue in colour. This chunky crystal has triangular shapes etched and raised on it's surface of the stone and it is known as a record keeper. This Ruby crystal would be ideal for the collector or healer.

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Ruby Crystal 163grams | Image 1
Ruby Crystal 163grams | Image 2
Ruby Crystal 163grams | Image 3
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