Copal with Insects 15cm

Copal with Insects 15cm | Image 1
Copal with Insects 15cm | Image 2
Dimensions: 15cm long, 2cm wide, 2cm deep.
Ref: 4579
Price: £18.00

Copal with wood-boring insects, fossil for sale from Madagascar. This amazing piece of Copal is 15cm long and has been highly hand-polished to enhance its natural rich honey colour. Copal is a tree resin which traps insects within its grasp, preserving them: in this piece you can see some large, detailed insects including flies. These insects show incredible detail due to their preservation within the Copal, and the resin is wonderfully clear, creating a window through which you can study the insects. 

These insects have been trapped in time; the age of the Copal is unknown, but can be up to 1 million years old. Sourced from the North West of Madagascar, Copal is located in the same area as vanilla crops, which the Malagasy harvest for pods. Under magnification, watch the insects come to life in this gorgeous piece of history.

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