Picture Jasper Column 18.1cm

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Dimensions: 18.1cm tall, 6.3cm wide, 6.1cm deep
Ref: 17673
Price: £165.00

Picture Jasper crystals for sale from China.

This stunning, large Picture Jasper Column measures 18.1cm tall and displays striking patterns and markings that evoke imagery of landscapes and paintings. 

This piece has been lightly polished with a natural satin finish and an unpolished base, showcasing a range of subtle colours, including steel grey, sandy brown and yellow, beige, and warm chocolate. 

What Is Picture Jasper Made Of? 

Jasper is a silicate mineral belonging to the Chalcedony crystals group, a subset of the large Quartz family of crystals. 

Chalcedony gems are microcrystalline in nature, meaning they differ from other Quartz varieties in that the crystals inside them are invisible to the human eye.  

These types of Quartz get their vibrant colours from impurities within the crystal matrix

Picture Jasper Patterns

This colourful crystal is named Picture Jasper on account of its likeness to a landscape picture, painting, or photograph. 

Picture Jasper tends to describe a form of Brown Jasper, (the range of brown tones in Picture Jasper is caused by high iron content), which displays patterns similar to landscapes in the form of black dendritic markings or colourful veins created during the silification process of the Jasper. 

Where Does Picture Jasper Come From?

There are famous deposits of Picture Jasper in Oregon, USA, but Picture Jasper can also be found in countries such as Africa and Brazil. 

Picture Jasper Crystal Healing Properties

Picture Jasper is a very spiritual stone: it is connected to concepts of harmony, balance, and restoration. 

Crystal healers recommend using Picture Jasper as an aid to reflection: a way of gaining a sense of wisdom and calm when you are feeling lost. 

Picture Jasper Chakras

Jasper is associated with all chakras, but Picture Jasper can be particularly useful when paired with the Root Chakra

This stone exudes a strong protective energy, and can be very grounding: the landscape imagery of Picture Jasper aids its connection to the Earth. 

Picture Jasper is known as a stone of vision and is therefore a great stone to meditate with on the Third Eye Chakra as a way of opening yourself to insight, knowledge, and meaning. 

How Hard Is Picture Jasper? 

Measuring 7 on the Mohs scale, this mineral is relatively hard and durable and resistant to scratching, but care should still be taken not to damage the crystal surface. 

To clean the crystal, simply use water and dry it afterwards with a soft cloth. 

Picture Jasper Collections

A stunning addition to any collection, and ideal as a unique display piece in the home.

Buy Picture Jasper online now at Madagascan Direct. 

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