Iridescent Ammonite Pendant 4.1cm

Dimensions: 4.1cm at widest point .
Ref: 4401

Iridescent Ammonite Fossil Pendant from Madagascar. This gorgeous 4.1cm iridescent Ammonite Pendant displays fantastic iridescence and is of the species; Cleoniceras it comes from the jungles of Mahajanga on the north east coast of Madagascar. The high grade fossil has been prepared in our workshop in the UK and then sent to a master silver smith in Jaipur, India to be set in 925 silver which is then Rhodium plated to give it a bright look and to prevent tarnishing. Beautiful dazzling colours dance over the ammonite showing off its iridescence in the light. The ammonite is 120 million years old from the cretaceous period.

Price: £36.00
Iridescent Ammonite Pendant 4.1cm | Image 1
Iridescent Ammonite Pendant 4.1cm | Image 2
Iridescent Ammonite Pendant 4.1cm | Image 3
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