Echinoid Fossil 6.8cm

Echinoid Fossil 6.8cm | Image 1
Echinoid Fossil 6.8cm | Image 2
Dimensions: 6.8cm long and wide, 1.6cm deep
Ref: 15896
Price: £14.00

Echinoid fossils for sale from Madagascar. Demonstrating fantastic definition and rich ivory, beige and caramel colours, this 6.8cm long piece was sourced from Tulear in the south of Madagascar. Dating at around 145 to 200 million years old, Echinoids from Madagascan Direct are of the order Clypeasteroida and originate from the middle of the Jurassic period.

Our Echinoids are fossilised sea urchins: the name "Echinoid" is derived from the Greek terminology for "spiny skin" in reference to the spines present in living sea urchins. Modern forms of Clypeasteroid Echinoids are sometimes known in their living form as sand dollars, or as sea biscuits (owing to their mostly flat shape).

This fossilised echinoid displays a pattern resembling the petals of a flower; these five branches were used by the living sea urchins for gas exchange and respiration. When the sea urchins were alive, these branches were lined by tube feet which were used to transport food to the creature's mouth, located at the centre of the petal pattern from which the branches radiate. 

The intricate anatomy of this ancient creature has been carefully preserved. A perfect fossil for collectors. 

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