Rainbow Moonstone Pebble 5.4cm

Rainbow Moonstone Pebble 5.4cm | Image 1
Rainbow Moonstone Pebble 5.4cm | Image 2
Dimensions: 5.4cm long, 3.8cm wide, 2cm tall
Ref: 14361
Price: £14.00

Rainbow Moonstone crystals for sale from India.

This stunning, very high grade Rainbow Moonstone pebble measuring 5.4cm long displays a creamy white translucence and flashes of glowing bright blue and rainbow colours. 

When exposed to the light, flashes of lunar white, like moonbeams, glow from within the stone alongside sparkling blues. 

Speckles of bright Black Tourmaline add a stunning contrast to the stone's ethereal colours, which glow brilliantly due to the careful polish upon the moonstone's surface. 

What Is Rainbow Moonstone Made Of?

Rainbow Moonstone is a plagioclase feldspar mineral, and is thus a form of Labradorite

Confusingly, it is not technically a traditional moonstone: instead, it can be referred to as White Labradorite

Moonstone or Rainbow Moonstone?

Traditional moonstones and Rainbow Moonstones are very similar but crucially different. 

Both stones are feldspar minerals and have the same hardness on the Mohs scale; both tend to have a creamy white base and both display a glowing, pearly sheen that looks like moonlight glowing from within the stone (a phenomenon known as adularescence). 

However, the two stones are two different types of feldspars: whilst traditional moonstone is an orthoclase feldspar, Rainbow Moonstone is a plagioclase feldspar like Labradorite. 

The signature flash of colour, like moon shine, from within moonstone is caused by Albite inclusions in traditional moonstone, however this adularescent effect is caused by a similar mechanism but different chemical inclusions in Labradorite, and thus Rainbow Moonstone as well. 

The inner glow of Rainbow Moonstone is caused by the refraction of light between layered minerals: this is the same mechanism that leads to the iridescent Schiller Effect in Labradorite. 

Furthermore, the adularescence in traditional moonstone manifests in flashes of white, whilst the adularescence in Rainbow Moonstone manifests in spectacular flashes of blue, and sometimes other colours of the rainbow (hence the name Rainbow Moonstone). 

Consequently, these stones are strongly related but also very different. 

Where Do You Find Rainbow Moonstone?

Rainbow Moonstone can be found in various countries worldwide including Sri Lanka and Australia. 

This particular Rainbow Moonstone was sourced from India.

Rainbow Moonstone History

Although not technically a moonstone, the similarity between the stones means that Rainbow Moonstone is still deeply associated with the history and spiritual properties of other moonstones.

Many civilisations used moonstones to create jewellery, or as a good luck charm, whilst also creating fascinating myths and legends about them. 

Rainbow Moonstone Myth And Legend

In Roman and Greek mythology, moonstones were sacred to their lunar goddesses, of which there are many but include Diana and Luna, Roman goddesses of the moon, and Artemis and Selene, Greek goddesses of the moon. 

Mineralogists sometimes refer to moonstone as "hecatolite" in reference to Hecate, a Greek goddess associated with the moon, much in the same way the mineral selenite is named after Selene, a goddess of the moon

The Romans believed that moonstones were created from rays of moonlight, as did the people of India, where moonstones were sacred stones. 

Some cultures believed that spirits lived within moonstones, causing their distinctive glow. 

Rainbow Moonstone In Hindu Culture

In Hindu cultures, moonstones have been associated with clairvoyance: in some legends, it is said that if you put a moonstone in your mouth during the full moon, you will be granted the ability to predict the future. 

Moonstones are so beloved in Hindu culture that they are referred to as "Chandrakant", meaning "loved by the moon": Chandrakant is now a popular Hindu boy's name. 

India is not the only country where moonstones are prized: in other Eastern countries, moonstones are symbolic of good luck, and many wear them on Mondays (the moon's day) to attract good fortune. 

Rainbow Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

Rainbow Moonstone is a potent crystal healing stone for it is heavily associated with fertility, nourishment, and love. 

This rainbow crystal is believed by crystal healers to be greatly calming to those struggling with stress, and to enhance creativity and inspire new ideas. 

Spiritually, Rainbow Moonstone is said to hone psychic abilities such as clairvoyancy, and is perfect for entering a meditative trance, as one can focus on the calming flashes of moving light during meditation. 

Moonstones in general are viewed as traveller's stones, and many wear them as amulets or protection stones to keep them safe whilst travelling. 

Rainbow Moonstone Chakras

Rainbow Moonstone resonates with all chakras, and can be used to align them: however, it is most associated with the Crown Chakra

When used with the Crown Chakra, Rainbow Moonstone generates a peaceful, loving energy that helps its user to know their place in the universe and to understand their own personal path through life. 

How Hard Is Rainbow Moonstone?

Measuring 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, this mineral is relatively hard and durable, but care should still be taken not to damage the crystal surface. 

To clean the crystal, simply use water and a soft cloth. 

Rainbow Moonstone Collections

Rainbow Moonstones are truly stunning with their ethereal glow and mesmerising flashes of colour. 

This Rainbow Moonstone palm stone would make a perfect gift for any loved one, but especially a loved one born in June, for moonstones are the June birthstones

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