Hematite Sphere 4.9cm

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Dimensions: 4.9cm in diameter
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Hematite crystals for sale from India.

This gorgeous polished Hematite Sphere measuring 4.9cm in diameter displays a shimmering metallic surface adorned with red speckles and sparkling tiny crystals.

This crystal sphere reflects like a mirror, in a similar vein to Pyrite

What Is Hematite Made Of?

Hematite is a heavily iron-based mineral, and is thus an important iron ore.

The appearance of Hematite can vary widely because this mineral naturally can display colours ranging from reddish-browns to blacks and metallic steel greys. 

Hematite, also known as Haematite, can conduct electricity.

Hematite History

Hematite was named after the ancient Greek term for blood, owing to the rusty red colour it often displays in nature. 

Over a hundred thousands of years ago, Pre-Historic Man used hematite-rich red chalk to make some of the earliest cave markings known to historians. 

Hematite was used for protection in ancient civilisations: in Ancient Rome, it was sometimes used to decorate armour for soldiers to wear as they entered battle. 

How Hard Is Hematite?

Measuring 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale, Hematite isn't particularly soft, however care should still be taken to handle this mineral carefully to ensure it does not become damaged. 

Hematite Crystal Healing Properties

Hematite exudes a strong protective energy, and is useful for those looking for feelings of security, calm, and grounding. 

Hematite Chakras

Hematite is most commonly used with the Root Chakra, as it is an incredibly grounding stone, owing to its heaviness and tactile weight. 

Using Hematite can help bring one back to Earth. 

Hematite Collections

This shimmering, silvery crystal ball would make an excellent addition to any crystal collection.

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