Coprolite 10.2cm

Coprolite 10.2cm | Image 1
Coprolite 10.2cm | Image 2
Coprolite 10.2cm | Image 3
Dimensions: 10.2cm long, 4.6cm wide, 3.5cm deep
Ref: 14126
Price: £29.00

Coprolite, fossil for sale from Madagascar. This detailed, high-grade Coprolite measuring 10.2cm long was found in the Besiboko area of Madagascar, and dates from the Eocene Period (this means they are around 50 million years old).

This Coprolite specimen has been carefully prepared by hand to show its detailed markings and shimmering iron inclusions. 

Coprolites are fossilised faeces. The coprolites for sale from Madagascan Direct come from marine turtles that lived millions of years ago. The turtle's deposits were over time replaced by Siderite, a valuable iron mineral which contains around 48% iron, turning them into the fossils found today. 

The term 'coprolite' derives from the Greek word 'Kopros' which means dung, and the word 'Lithos' which means stone (essentially, coprolite means 'dung stone'). The coprolites we have for sale are interesting in their shapes and patterns, and are a unique vestige of history. They come in varying sizes and shapes. 

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