Black Moonstone Pebble 7.6cm

Black Moonstone Pebble 7.6cm | Image 1
Black Moonstone Pebble 7.6cm | Image 2
Black Moonstone Pebble 7.6cm | Image 3
Dimensions: 7.6cm long, 5cm wide, 2.2cm deep
Ref: 13659
Price: £13.00

Black Moonstone crystals for sale from Madagascar.

This stunning large Black Moonstone Pebble measures 7.6cm long and displays striking black hues adorned with some subtle silvery-white shimmer and flash on one edge. 

This piece also displays some gorgeous orange-peach veins.

Black Moonstone is a feldspar mineral with a beautiful Schiller Effect.

Please note: this piece displays some small natural pits on its otherwise smooth, polished surface. 

Ideal for the collector, healer or for an interesting display piece. 

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