Polished Larimar 5.1cm

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Dimensions: 5.1cm long, 4cm wide, 1cm deep
Ref: 13246
Price: £40.00

 Polished Larimar crystals for sale from the Dominican Republic.

This gorgeous rare gem is truly a sight to behold. Each piece displays unique, individual patterns: clouds of sky blue, streaks of marbled white, and speckles of sea-green.

When exposed to the light, the colours take on a new vibrancy in this translucent stone.

Measuring 5.1cm long, this Larimar piece has been hand-polished on one face and on its curved edges in our UK workshop to a fantastically high standard. 

The base of this slice has been left in its rough, natural state. 

What Is Larimar Made Of? 

Larimar is a rare form of the silicate mineral Pectolite

Grey and white varieties of Pectolite are abundant across the world, however its distinctive ocean-blue variety (Larimar) is incredibly rare.

Traces of copper within the stone are what cause the bright aqua blue colour indicative of Larimar

Larimar also sometimes displays red and brown spots due to iron oxidation.

How Does Larimar Form? 

Larimar was formed during volcanic eruptions that have occurred over millions of years. 

Where Does Larimar Come From? 

Larimar is only found in one place on Earth: the beautiful Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic

Due to its rarity and gorgeous appearance, Larimar is highly coveted in the crystal world. It is predominantly sourced from one area in the Dominican Republic, the Los Chupaderos mine in the Baoruco Mountains.

Larimar History

Larimar is somewhat of a new discovery: although first mentioned in 1916, it was only truly discovered and spread to the world in 1974, when it was also given its name. 

Its name is a combination of "Larissa", the name of its discoverer's daughter, and "mar", the Spanish term for the sea, owing to its ocean-like appearance. 

Larimar is also known by many other names, including Atlantis Stone, Stefilia’s Stone, Caribbean Stone, and Dolphin Stone.

Larimar Crystal Healing

Like the sea its appearance so resembles, Larimar evokes a sense of pure serenity, calm, and relaxation. 

This delightful stone is said to support general wellbeing and to increase confidence in its user. A soother of tension, this nurturing crystal is believed by many to help calm intense emotions such as anger.

This blue gemstone has a deeply spiritual energy which makes it perfect for meditation and accessing higher planes of consciousness.

Forged in fire and lava and found near calm Caribbean waters, this stone combines the energies of two primal elements, gifting it a potent energy.

Larimar Chakras

Associated with the Throat Chakra, Larimar is purported to aid communication. 

Larimar can be used by crystal healers to help their clients speak from the heart and express their true feelings with confidence.  

How Hard Is Larimar?

Measuring 4.5 to 5 on the Mohs scale, this mineral is relatively soft but still durable and somewhat resistant to scratching.

Care should still be taken not to damage the crystal surface. 

To clean the crystal, simply use water and dry it afterwards with a soft cloth. 

This stone fades when exposed to direct sunlight, so it would be wise to keep it away from light sources as much as possible. 

Larimar Collections

With its powerful metaphysical properties, beautiful ethereal blue colouring, and unique turtleback patterning of veins of white and whorls of aquamarine, this stunning rare gemstone is a must-have for any crystal collector

Snap up this gorgeous polished Larimar piece now to add a rare gem to your crystal collection!

Buy Larimar online now at Madagascan Direct. 

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