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Historically, crystal wands have been a formative part of lore, myth, and legend. From wand-wielding wizards in fairy tales, to magic wands held by magicians and illusionists of the stage, to the mystical wands used for good deeds by fairies in children’s stories, wands have been a strong presence in popular culture throughout the ages. At Madagascan Direct, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of stones cut and polished into a wide variety of shapes. The wand shape is becoming perhaps one of our most popular varieties.…
Madagascan Direct are excited to present a new stone to our stores: the extraordinary Larimar. This rare gem is truly a sight to behold. Each piece displays unique, individual patterns: clouds of sky blue, streaks of marbled white, and speckles of sea green. When exposed to the light, the colours take on a new vibrancy in this translucent stone.…
It is no surprise that the ‘most colourful mineral’ of the world, Fluorite, is so beloved. Although Yellow Fluorite is currently in vogue with its warm aura of golden sunshine, it is Rainbow Fluorite that is the true star of the crystal world. Shining with intense spectrums of colour, this mineral is simply mesmerising to look at. At Madagascan Direct, we provide top quality Rainbow Fluorite in various forms. From tactile, smooth pebbles, to large decorative slices, and sharp single and double-terminated points, Rainbow Fluorite is gorgeous in any shape. However, we are particularly excited about the new influx of Rainbow Fluorite Waves arriving soon to our store.…
It is natural for a gemstone to occur deep underneath the earth. The brilliant shimmering stones have to be mined and then cut to enhance its clarity and colour. Ammonites are far removed from this notion though and you are likely to be astounded by the thin shell sporting an astonishing array of brilliance thanks to the iridescence property it displays. The aragonite shell material sourced from the fossilised remains of ammonite has amazed gemstone collectors and pleased individuals…
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