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Fossils! The term leaves you filled with excitement. However, the fossils or remains of life that had been alive and kicking millions of years ago helps us to learn more about our own planet and their life forms. Sure, many of them have become extinct due their incapability of being able to cope with the changes and adapt to the environment. Yet, the tell-tale marks left behind will help you to understand the past better and take lessons from it.…
Crystals are minerals found within rocks and form a specific shape with a highly structured interior, something like lattice work. The colours of crystals vary sharply as do their properties. While most of them are utilised as adornments and are sold as semi precious jewellery, a few of them are coveted for their metaphysical elements as well. Amazingly, no crystal attains a regular shape I its natural form. Almost all of them are cut and treated before being sold to the customers.…
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