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You would have heard about the limestone deposits in dark, dank caves known by the dual terms, stalactite and stalagmite. Yes! They are wonders of nature that has the visitors braving the darkness to enter the mysterious caves but the stalactite slices that you often see put up for sale are far removed from limestone formations. On the contrary, it is a formation of amethyst that grows in and around a central piece of agate and has to be cross cut to expose the crystal and the agate together.…
You may have across the term petrified wood and wondered about its meaning. No worries! It is just another term for fossil wood that is formed when natural plants and trees get buried under sediments and fail to decay on account of preservation by oxygen and microorganisms that act upon it. The organic matter is replaced by inorganic material over time though while the features of the wood remain virtually intact for centuries.…
You definitely have to let go of feelings that make you despondent. Trying to deal with negativity and despair is not always easy and you may need the expert services of a psychoanalyst at times like these. Fortunately, you may be able to get a hold on your moods by utilizing the magic medicine i.e. healing crystals. Sure, there are numerous quartz and crystals that can help you to transform your mood totally so that you can look forward to the future instead of remaining lost and forlorn.…
Think of crystals and fossils and the name of Madagascar leaps to mind. Sure, the chalcedony, crystals and quartz stones have been sourced from all over the world, yet this island nation of Africa is a treasure trove when you look for the finest minerals that make a difference.The island lying in the Indian Ocean shot into fame in 1997 when sapphires were found in the region! However, Political upheaval and ban in export of gemstones proved to be a difficult time for the nation that could not make use of its resources. Eventually though, a plethora of semi precious stones…
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