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Everyone is excited at the thought of the giant dinosaurs roaming the earth millions of years ago. However, there are many more creatures that became extinct presently around the same era. The Ammonites particularly the beautiful phylloceras ammonites also vanished from the planet. That does not mean that they have left no traces of their existence. In fact, you would be thrilled to discover the marine fossils in Madagascar especially the deep forests of Mahajanga.…
There are very few people not enamored by the brilliance of crystals. While not all of them can be aptly described as a stunning stone yet the colour combos and intrinsic patterns of a variety of both crystals as well as the quartz stones capture the attention.  While both ordinary crystals as well as the rock crystals better known as quartz stones contain a good amount of silicon dioxide, they often differ in terms of properties mainly due to the way they have been shaped.…
It is not enough to keep your body fit and healthy. You need to take care of the spirits within as well. The eastern philosophies speak about a number of chakras that are present throughout our bodies. You need to balance them perfectly in order to achieve fulfillment. Being laden with problems and then going about life with hundreds of anxieties on your mind is definitely not done.…
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