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There is no lack of of gem stones in the market today. However, you might be a bit wary about buying the ones considered to be precious as they are likely to be pricey and well beyond one’s means. Forget investing in diamond, rubies, emeralds or sapphires for now and consider the pluses of semi precious gems, found usually as crystals. They happen to be affordable despite the striking beauty and play of colors. However, you cannot really hope to wear a chunky piece of rough rock on your person and expect it to display the metaphysical qualities that are associated with it.…
Keep a piece of black tourmaline within your home and be amazed by its innate powers. You have surely heard of the words ‘black is beautiful’ and this brilliant crystal is definitely pretty but so much more. While the lustrous black may not be quite apt for fashioning into a pendant or wearing it as a ring, you are welcome to add it to your ever expanding collection of crystals and grab the advantages it offers.…
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