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The very name of moss agate conjures up the image of a sparkling stone shining with green iridescence. Unfortunately, your imagination has let you down for moss agate can be very different from the picture in your mind. Sure, the stone is known as agate but it does not concur to the rules with no circular rings on it. Instead, you get to find a form of chalcedony created out of silicon dioxide.…
Ametrine that is also known as trystine or by the trade name of bolivite has entranced men for decades. Discovered in Bolivian mines of Anahi in the 1960s, this semi precious gemstone has captivated the attention of dealers, jewelers and fashion lovers alike. It happens to be quartz stone that embodies the colors of both amethyst and citrine thereby attaining a yellow orangish hue with tinges of purple.…
The impure silicon dioxide may not excite the chemists but they can make a world of difference to an ordinary individual seeking to heal the body and calm the mind. This form of impure crystal is known as Jasper and has remained in vogue from time immemorial. The mottled colours of green, red, orange brown and yellow displayed by this enchanting crystal has the power to mesmerize you completely.…
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