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In this post, we will take you on a journey through our favourite crystals for Valentine's Day, including the best Heart Chakra crystals, crystal gift ideas, and crystal hearts. …
Asterism is a name taken from the ancient Greeks and it is the phenomenom of gemstones exhibiting a luminous star like shape when cut into a rounded domed cabochon or even a sphere like the star rose quartz spheres we sell at Madagascan Direct. Not all rose quartz will exhibit asterism but the rose quartz from Madagascar is well known to have a tendancy to produce this wonderful marvel. Natural sunlight is the perfect light to see the …
Due to its calming rosy pink colour, rose quartz has enjoyed enduring popularity throughout the centuries. Often referred to as a ‘love stone’, rose quartz is said to bring unconditional love, in any form, to those who own it; whether that be through family, friends or romance. Similarly, it is a centrepiece of feng shui as a healing stone for rocky romances or bad breakups.…
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