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A guide to crystal massage wands: learn about types of crystal wands, crystal healing properties, and how to use a crystal massage wand for crystal healing. …
We are delighted to announce that we have new Amethyst in stock: read on to find out more about our gorgeous new Brazilian Natural Amethyst Roots and Uruguayan Druzy Amethyst Clusters. …
Top 10 crystals sold this week: our favourite stones from Labradorite to Ametrine, Moss Agate to King Cobra Jasper, and Lepidolite to Smoky Amethyst. …
Madagascan Direct has entered its 10th year of selling high quality fossils and crystals online and we would like to thank all our customers past and present. because without your support we would not be where we are today. Madagascan direct will start to sell a few non Madagascan pieces over the coming months. but our main content will remain to be primarily minerals and fossils from Madagascar. We have contacts all over the world in high quality minerals and we will now…
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