Types Of Crystals

Learn more about the wonderful world of crystals: mineral properties, crystal healing powers, how to take care of gemstones and more. 

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The natives of Paul’s Island, off the coast of Labrador in Canada, a geological hotspot for this ‘magic stone’, have told the story of labradorite for generations. The tale recounts the journey of a legendary Inuit warrior, the first to discover that the Aurora Borealis had been stolen from the sky and imprisoned in the gem now known as labradorite. …
In Greek mythology, celestite is said to originate from the Pleiades (otherwise known as The Seven Sisters), a beautiful network of stars. Hunted by the god Orion, seven girls born to Atlas and Pleione fled from his advances, and in aid of their escape, were transformed into doves by Zeus. The doves flew into the heavens and formed this cluster of stars. …
22 articles in Types Of Crystals
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