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Fossils and Crystals are beautiful natural objects which make fantastic gifts at Christmas, Anniversaries, Birthdays or just when you want to give an extra special thank you to someone. If you are a collector a healer or someone who finds mother natures treasures irresistible a fossil or crystal can make a wonderful and unique gift which is timeless and a real talking point and will outlast any gift that will go in or out of fashion.…
There was a once a time where modern science, and with it the wonders of geology did not exist. Fossils of many dinosaurs were yet to be discovered, and their full significance with regards to evolution remained unknown. Yet one young woman changed all this, setting in motion a scientific revolution. That woman’s name was Mary Anning. Born one summer’s day in May 1799, Mary Anning spent most of her life upon the coastal cliffs of …
Recently, the fossil world has been taken by storm via a series of fascinating discoveries, particularly of rare dinosaur fossils that have shed light on important evolutionary processes. A landmark discovery has taken place recently: within the jaw of a duck-billed dwarf dinosaur (hadrosaur), the first ever facial tumour in a fossil has been found. This 69 million years old …
Iridescent ammonites are reputed worldwide for their beautiful rainbow-like glow. A special gemstone, ammolite, is formed from fossilised ammonite shells, and also displays this terrific iridescent effect. When the ammonite was alive, nacre was the main component of the shell: after the organism’s death, the shell fossilised over time to form aragonite. The ammolite can also contain many other minerals such as calcite and pyrite. …
Throughout history, fossils have been a prized material in the art of jewellery making. From trilobites and ammonites, to dinosaur bones and prehistoric Megalodon shark teeth, the prospect of wearing the remains of creatures that lived millions of years ago has intrigued people for generations. …
Copal, a resin derived often from the tree family Burseraceae and the species Protium copal, is a cultural landmark in Mesoamerica. Its name is sourced from the Nahuatl (an Aztec language) word ‘Copalli’, which means incense. Copal has been ceremonially used by the Maya and other Mesoamerican indigenous people…
During the Saxon era in Whitby, Yorkshire, legend told of St Hilda’s magical ability to transform snakes into special stones. Worldwide, these rocks were reputed to have varying mythic qualities:…
248 million years ago, during the Triassic era, there grew a tree which belonged to the genus araucaria. The tree grew in many locations, including the jungles of Mahajanga, Madagascar, where sauropod dinosaurs roamed. Stretching up to 60 metres tall, the majestic tree loomed over vast forests. …
18 articles in Fossil News
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