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If you are looking to enhance your education by learning more about minerals and quaint crystals found from deep within the rocks then Madagascan Direct happens to be the right source for you. Well, we have been relentlessly collecting the very best of crystals from Madagascar and from the mystical and magical lands of other countries known for their treasures in the form of brilliant crystals. So, whether you are looking to study the nature of a freeform Fruit Jasper or an Indigo Gabbro, then you have come to the right place.


moss agate sphereSure, you can adorn your interiors with a colourful collection of crystals and quartz stones that invite the guests in most endearingly. You are in luck though for the highly polished eggs, spheres and hearts also cast an aura around your household so that you get to be in a positive frame of mind by banishing the negative vibes once and for all.

The metaphysical qualities differ from crystal to crystal, however, and you will not be able to use ruby crystal and an amethyst interchangeably. No worries! Shoot an inquiry to Madagascan Direct and be rewarded with one of each. That is not all though! Whether fossil wood logyou are keen to obtain a genuine Lapis Lazuli heart or try out the power of a moss agate sphere, you can have it all! Simply visit and go on a crystal shopping spree.

Remember that our present is entrenched in our past. So it would not do to forget the history of mankind. Madagascan Direct will also help you to remain rooted and in tune with the bygone era via its stupendous collection of fossils. You are free to study them, decorate your home and even your person by picking up the iridescent ammonite jewellery or even showcasing a dinosaur bone.

celestite geodeThe collection is definitely astounding here! But we have got you covered completely for you only have to wish and check our product range to be rewarded with just the one you were looking for. Wait! We have decided to save your time while providing you with the right product thereby helping you get the best of both worlds.

Watch out for our upcoming YouTube channel called Madagascan direct to know more about the product that you would be spending your hard earned money on.

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